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Morganacity, founded by Morgan Middleton, exists to be an innovative creator and storyteller through theater, film, television and literature. Morganacity is a creative media hub established to create a sustainable future in which the arts and people of color meet and find relevancy, beauty, acceptance and respect.

We want people of color to see themselves engaged in many art forms in ways they may not have considered, and to know they belong. With the goal of ramping up representation, Morganacity aims to uplift the art forms by telling stories that represent those who have been underrepresented and misrepresented in media and society across generations. Morganacity presents stories in a creative way that transforms and inspires individuals and communities of color, giving authentic voice to the voiceless and promoting empathy and understanding.
There are no boundaries when it comes to the expressions we want to present. We emphasize representation with the objective of increasing participation and interest in the arts and media, satisfying the communities’ thirst for engaging, authentic and respectful representation in entertainment.

We cultivate artists who we believe have the ability and desire to collaborate across multiple fields including, but not limited to writing, music composition, acting, illustration, dance, and music.
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About The Founder

Morgan Middleton (she/her) is a singer-actress, producer and writer. Her passion is bringing underrepresented people into focus and showcasing them in their best light. She received a grant from The Boston Foundation to produce and direct an original one-woman show designed to highlight the power of music as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The mezzo soprano has performed on stage with Santa Fe Opera, Chicago Opera Theater, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago and performed with composer Ricky Ian Gordon at the Door Kinetic Arts Festival (DKAF) in Door County, Wisconsin.

An advocate for the arts, Morgan was named a 2020-2021 fellow with Turn The Spotlight, an organization that empowers leaders to build a more equitable future for the arts. As a writer, she directed a reading of her comedy teleplay, Crescendo, at DKAF. Ms. Middleton completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern California and her master’s degree at New England Conservatory of Music.

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Graphic Novel
ASTERIA: The Legend of the Fallen Star

Follow the journey of Celeste, an unassuming teen, on an intergalactic adventure where she must confront her deepest insecurities and discover her true destiny.

Will she find the courage to harness her latent powers and become the champion the galaxies desperately need, or will time run out, spelling doom for those she holds dear and countless others? This riveting tale is the first in a series that promises to captivate and inspire.

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Morganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery Image
Morganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery Image
Film Anthology
The Stories of Us

Representation in the arts matters and it’s important to have everyone’s stories told while keeping things fresh and creative. Morganacity wants to change the classical music conversation from its perceived elitism to one of inclusivity. Our first film in the series is Erlkönig.

Trailer Coming Soon
Short Film

Erlkönig… Haunting families since 1782

Film coming soon!

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Morganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery ImageMorganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery ImageMorganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery ImageMorganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery ImageMorganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery Image
Morganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery ImageMorganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery ImageMorganacity - Portfolio Work Gallery Image

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